NYPD Harbor Charlie Command Center View the Case Study slide image showing Columbia university pool renovation Columbia University Aquatic Center View the Case Study NYPD – Harbor George Waterfront Facility View the Case Study 25 Bond Street View the Case Study slideshow photo for times square substation case study NYPD Times Square Substation View the Case Study Silvercrest renovation for the slide show Silvercrest Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation View the Case Study Slide image for ZPR renovation Zwanger Pesiri Radiology View the Case Study CONSTRUCTION. LOGISTICS. SOLUTIONS.

It’s in our DNA. As a solution-oriented company, CLS manages and simplifies your complex construction projects from start to finish. Providing actionable solutions is the cornerstone to our success and yours.

We’re passionate about what we do and even more passionate about how we do it. Our communication, experience, and integrity come together for what we call the “Fulcrum Effect” – services that maintain quality, reduce development costs, minimize construction timeframes, and limit owner liability.

As no two jobs are alike, CLS customizes their pre-construction and implementation services to each project whether it’s working on a specific stage, multiple stages, or the entire construction project. We treat every project as our highest priority and collaborate with you until the end. We tailor each project team to deliver creative solutions for your unique goals.

Your complex construction projects finally have an easy solution – CLS Project Solutions.