Core Values


This value stands for how we act as a team. Being a family means having the ability to depend on one another. Everybody contributes to one common goal. From client to coworker to subcontractor to vendor, we treat each other with respect. We hold each other accountable. Good and bad, we are in everything together; nobody fails alone. This value ties into “integrity in all that we do” because it means we stand by what we tell our fellow “family” members we are going to do and we are dependable and accountable all the time.

Philippians 2:3-4

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vein conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves . . . look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” This value means that you watch your brothers’ business as you would watch your own. We take care of each other and we look out for each other. This value ties into family because it exemplifies how we treat everyone that we interact with in every aspect of our work. At CLS, are goals are to make sure that everybody else’s needs are met and that nobody is hurt by one’s own individual ambitions.

Value 1 and 2 revolve around protecting and providing for our families and resources

Humility with Confidence

This value represents the way that we carry ourselves as employees of CLS. Be proud and confident, but never arrogant. Confidence comes from knowing and understanding every aspect of your project, and staying current on all project details and client concerns. When you are familiar with all aspects of the project, you will be able to communicate with accuracy and clarity.

Systems and Process Oriented

This value is what provides all of us at CLS with structure and organization. We must deliver consistency to our clients; that consistency comes from the state-of-the-art systems and well-thought-out, time-proven processes within our organization. As everyone does their part to support the systems and the processes of CLS, we deliver consistency to each other, our clients and our subcontractors. At CLS, we are continuously reevaluating and evolving our systems and processes. This value aligns with “Semper Avanti,” as when we provide consistency in all aspects of our organization, CLS will continue to grow and move forward.

Integrity In All That We Do

This value represents consistency and honesty in everything we do. Holding our standards high, communicating clearly and honestly to clients and delivering the job that we committed to deliver. At CLS we say what we are going to do, and do what we say. This consistency demonstrates our dependability and commitment to our clients and to each other.

Values 3-5 stand for “how we do things” at CLS

Semper Avanti

This value means “always forward.” No matter what happens, no matter what obstacle comes our way, just keep pushing forward. Always focused on the end goal and making sure we get there. When you start to get good at something, push yourself forward and don’t be complacent. When things are going well, anticipate the next obstacle before it occurs. If you fail at something, learn from it and “fail forward.”

Whatever it Takes in Every Situation

This value means that we do whatever it takes to get the job done. There are no excuses, no finger pointing or blaming. Whether it is your job or someone else’s, if it is not getting done then jump in and help to get it done. We are a team. Nobody fails alone.

Values 6 & 7 revolve around our energy