We provide a full range of pre-construction and implementation services, customized for each client and project. We are available to work for a particular stage, multiple stages, or throughout the entire construction project, but we will have the biggest impact when we are involved at the onset of a project.

We provide clients with the maximum “FULCRUM Effect” of our services – namely, value-added services that maintain quality, reduce development costs, minimize construction timeframes, and limit owner liability. Most importantly, clients value our insights, recommendations, and actionable solutions to better launch or to complete projects.

Pre-Construction Services
Implementation Services


For over 20 years, whether we were working on core or shell buildings, or with corporate, retail, academic, healthcare, and hospitality clients, Lou Serrante has always demonstrated extensive industry knowledge, professionalism, and, most importantly, integrity with everything he was involved with.
I feel confident that Lou can and will be a major asset in any capacity he undertakes. As a builder, consultant, or any undertaking that he gets involved with, Lou gets the job done.

Joseph Siegel

Designing Environments that Work

Pre-Construction Services

Concept Development

Often, clients who need construction services are not sure how exactly to begin. Listening to a client’s end goals and understanding their internal operational requirements is essential for developing a project’s true scope and phasing. Our management team’s vast experience in running projects in highly sensitive spaces, whether occupied by personnel or technology, enables them to assess and develop a project’s true scope.


Conceptual Estimating

Accurate financial projections, based on minimal data at the concept stage, require experience from both a management and a production basis. Our estimators review the available information and discuss preliminary design documents with the owner’s design representatives. Our project experience, gained over more than 30 years, gives our firm the ability to develop a comprehensive scope in regard to cost, tasks, and timing. We then apply mathematical logic to that scope to give a client the critical information needed to make sound business decisions.

Drawing Review/Design Review

Our staff has been called upon to “red line” many a set of documents to identify hidden or unforeseen costs and construction issues. While it is virtually impossible to capture every cost item on a set of construction documents, our strong technical knowledge – based on our extensive operational experience in the general contracting / construction management industry, enables us to read a set of drawings and see what is, and just as importantly, what is not there. This insight provides our clients an invaluable service in the Drawing Review process.

Estimating (Scope & Budget)

Estimating requires a combination of skills and practical experience – especially the ability to read a set of two dimensional design documents and visualize a three dimensional product. Once the project’s scope is understood, it needs to be broken down to the individual trade requirements and itemized by description and quantity. Our experience in applying mathematical logic, backed by historical cost data, allows us to give a fair and realistic estimate of project costs. Only when a client understands their contractors’ true costs, can they assess whether or not the mark ups for insurance, overhead, and profit are fair and competitive. CLS Project Solutions serves as an accurate and impartial resource for such fact-based estimations to clients.

Bid Management

The bid process requires a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) with clearly described scopes of work and clear instructions. However, few plans and specifications are perfect when they leave the architect’s office and may need to be revised prior to completing a final bid package. The bidding process is a form of project management and requires structure to organize and to control the effort. Thus, active management and industry knowledge are essential for preparing and monitoring these elements for successful bid management and sourcing. We customize and adapt our work to meet each client’s special requirements, and conform to applicable rules and regulations.

Signing a contract

Contract Management

Contract management is the process of systematically and efficiently managing the creation, understanding, and execution of contracts to maximize financial and operational performance while minimizing risk. Although legally binding contracts are necessary, we firmly believe that teamwork should be what drives a project to success. All members of the project team must clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. We believe that through clear communications, contractual disputes can be minimized, or in some cases avoided completely. CLS Project Solutions works with your legal team to develop clear and executable legal agreements.

Project Scheduling

A true project schedule requires an accurate work breakdown structure that encompasses project understanding, resources, and a thorough grasp of the availability of those resources. We believe that practical field experience is required to apply reasonable time allowances per trade and task, and is the key to planning a successful project. CLS Project Solutions has extensive logistics and field operations experience. Our project schedules are developed at a macro and micro level, aided by an advanced project scheduling tool, and coupled with our thorough understanding of work breakdown structure, dependencies, resource allocation, and critical paths. Contractors appreciate and support our realistic schedules.

Implementation Services

Project Oversight

There are many reasons why a project can go awry, be it the wrong initial approach, poorly defined objectives, or inadequate execution. Unless remedial action is taken, and in a timely manner, there is the risk that these projects will not reach an acceptable conclusion for any participating party.

Our Project Oversight services provide a periodic and routine inspection of the progress made, measured against a baseline schedule and budget, to provide clients a more objective and realistic assessment of the actual project status.

Often, a point of complexity arises that causes the team to lose focus on the original objective. While there are many project management groups and general contractors who can get the job done, there are critical stress points in a project when additional experience and objectivity is essential. CLS Project Solutions is called upon in these difficult situations to bring the project team back on track. Then, we back away into an oversight role to allow contractors do what they have been trained to do. Sometimes limited support from the right specialist, such as CLS Project Solutions, is all that is needed to solve what, at first, appeared to be a complicated problem.

Construction work in progress

Project Management

Construction project management requires discipline in planning, organizing, and resources management to achieve the successful completion of the specific project’s goals. Logistical planning and flexibility are critical to keep a project on target from a production and financial perspective. Equally important is maintaining a client’s ability to perform its primary business functions during the project’s lifespan. Experience is the key – whether building a new structure, renovating an existing space, or responding to an unplanned occurrence.

We understand the challenge to achieve a project’s goals while honoring the project’s constraints of scope, time, and budget. Our experience gives us the ability to quickly assess a required response and develop the appropriate action plan. Our proprietary document tracking system and experience helps us maintain order while eliminating unnecessary complexity. Our values of honesty and clarity in all situations are the foundation of our communications. Our clients deserve the clearest, most accurate information and we are committed to deliver it accordingly.

Crisis Prevention & Solution

Unfortunately, projects often encounter unforeseen circumstances that can affect their final outcome. The experience to recognize risk and to implement the proper measures to minimize, if not eliminate, those events is essential to a project’s financial success. Our history has taught us that the construction process is dynamic, and daily changes to the work environments are to be expected. These changes require clear communications and adjustments in work behavior, which can best be managed through daily site inspections, weekly reviews, and the development of reasonable action plans.

Compliance with OSHA and other jurisdictional requirements is the law and we take it very seriously. Our staff is OSHA trained and receives continual additional training as required to ensure they are prepared to recognize and respond properly when hazards present themselves. Although we do not replace your risk management departments, our practical experience aids and supports our clients’ safety initiatives.