Clear Communication. Experience. Integrity. 

CLS Project Solutions’ extensive expertise comes from decades of working on a wide range of construction projects for their clients’ unique ambitions and goals in several industries, including: Base Building, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Fitness Clubs, Government, Hospitals & Healthcare, Light Manufacturing, Restaurants, Retail, Telecommunications & Media, and Worship Centers.

It starts with clear communication among all parties to provide the most accurate and timely updates for informed decision-making. CLS’ ability to rapidly understand root causes of problems enables us to devise effective solutions and clearly direct all players in the project to meaningful solutions that achieves success and minimizes frustration.

With 30+ years experience, we understand that problems are solved in the field. CLS takes a hands-on approach to ensure that any issue, big or small, gets resolved quickly and correctly. CLS has worked on multiple projects that have required strategic solutions to an array of problems, from constrictive timetables to fixing other’s mistakes.

By serving others, we serve ourselves. Integrity matters. From start to finish, we’re with you the entire way. CLS is steadfast in getting the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner with your complex needs top of mind. Our word is our bond.

By providing tailored construction, management, and general contracting services, CLS is able to accelerate timeframes, provide cost savings, and minimize change orders. CLS customizes pre-construction and implementation services to each project whether it’s working on a specific stage, multiple stages, or the entire construction project. CLS’ Project Managers are advisors, strategists, and advocates. They are big thinkers and detail fanatics. As specialists, they are dedicated to working with clients, one-on-one, when and how that client needs them.

The services CLS provides include:
  • Concept Development: Develop your project’s true scope and phasing from the initial concept.
  • Conceptual Estimating: Forecast your project's costs including financials, tasks, and timing. By applying mathematical logic to that scope, CLS provides the critical information needed to make effective business decisions.
  • Drawing Review/Design Review: Review and redline designs to identify hidden costs and uncover potential construction issues.
  • Estimating (Scope & Budget): Reading two-dimensional design documents and visualizing a three-dimensional product to provide a fair and realistic estimate of your project’s costs in regards to scope and budget.
  • Bid Management: Prepare and monitor bids including crafting a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) with clearly described scopes of work and unambiguous instructions for successful project management and sourcing.
  • Contract Management: Systematically and efficiently managing the creation, understanding, and execution of contracts to maximize financial and operational performance while minimizing your risk.
  • Project Scheduling: Realistic project schedules are developed at a macro and micro level, aided by an advanced project-scheduling tool, and coupled with CLS’ thorough understanding of work breakdown structure, dependencies, resource allocation, and critical paths.
  • Project Oversight: Inspections of your project’s progress is made and measured against a baseline schedule and budget, providing you a more objective and realistic assessment of the actual project status. During critical stress points, CLS brings your project’s team back on track.
  • Project Management: Disciplined planning, organizing, and resource management that achieves the successful completion of your project’s specific goals from a production and financial perspective.
  • Crisis Prevention & Solution: When unforeseen circumstances arise that affect your project’s final outcome, CLS recognizes risk and implements the proper measures to minimize or eliminate, those events. Our OSHA-trained staff receives continuous additional training ensuring they are prepared to recognize and respond properly when hazards present themselves. Although we do not replace your risk management departments, CLS’ practical experience aids and supports your safety initiatives.