Why CLS?

Why Us?

We offer the following advantages:

We deliver the maximum “FULCRUM Effect” of our services – namely, value-added services that maintain quality, reduce development costs, minimize construction timeframes, and limit owner liability.

We foster clear communications among the various parties, trades, and professionals to provide the most accurate and timely information for informed decision-making.

Our ability to rapidly understand root causes of problems enables us to devise effective solutions and to clearly direct and motivate all players in the project for meaningful solutions.

We provide integrity to best serve our customers interests on a customized basis.

We offer fair solutions, especially in the design and planning stages, to prevent and solve problems in a way that enables all participants in the project to achieve success and minimize frustration.

We are steadfast in our determination to get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner for the benefit of our clients, with positive outcomes for the entire project and for all parties involved.

We are “supercentric.” Our senior staff all began their careers as field supers. As such, we understand that the project is built, and problems are solved, in the field. We apply that knowledge and insight to all aspects of both field activities and project management. This approach is passed on to all field and front office staff.

This is why CLS Project Solutions, Inc. is your valued resource to simplify and orchestrate projects through the complex building process.


Our goal is to serve clients and deliver a quality construction product.

Here is a sample of what clients say about our work.

Lou, we began together and finished together. Thanks for your commitment and your loyalty.

Tony Goldman, Owner/Developer
Goldman Properties
($25 Million Base Building Project at 25 Bond Street, New York, NY)

For over 20 years, whether we were working on core and shell buildings, or with corporate, retail, academic, healthcare and hospitality clients, Lou Serrante has always demonstrated extensive industry knowledge, professionalism and, most importantly, integrity in everything he was involved in.
I feel confident that Lou can and will be a major asset in any capacity he undertakes. As a builder, consultant or any undertaking that he is involved with, Lou gets the job done.

Joseph Siegel
Designing Environments that Work

Lou has the respect of every tradesman. He has paid his dues and from his solid experience Lou has the ability to overcome obstacles by pulling people together for practical solutions that help all succeed.

Robert Greenberg
Evergreen Mechanical, Corp.