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Multiple Facilities Built in Timely Manner

CLIENT: Zwanger Pesiri Radiology / VALUE:  $27M / TIMEFRAME: 24 months / SERVICES PROVIDED: Program Management

THE SITUATION: Zwanger Persiri Radiology was a rapidly growing radiology clinic in NYC that needed construction services to match their pace of growth while also creating a standardized design for their flagship location in Queens as well as their clinics across the

5 boroughs.


THE CHALLANGE: Managing and standardizing five facility builds across varying locations under tight deadlines. Certain locations had unexpected findings like the need to create an entry point to receive the client’s large, heavy machinery (which range from 10 to 15 tons in weight) and discovering oil and gasoline in the lower level soil that required extensive environmental remediation.

THE SOLUTION: Innovative solutions and program management expertise.

CLS laid out the entire schedule, standardized the facility plans for all locations, and found actionable solutions to problems encountered including innovative designs to ensure proper space for future equipment deliveries and remediating soil and using helical piles to support the structural slab and the weight of the equipment being installed. In addition, by standardizing finishes and systems in the facility, CLS saved the client additional time and costs on future maintenance.

THE RESULT: Multiple radiology clinics opened on time and on budget.

CLS reduced Zwanger Pesiri Radiology’s build times from 12 months for one facility to 24 months for 5 facilities. Zwanger Pesiri Radiology was able to quickly expand and open multiple facilities to serve their communities.

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