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NYPD Bathroom Renovation

CLIENT: New York Police Department (NYPD) / VALUE: $36M / TIMEFRAME: 5 Years / SERVICES PROVIDED: General Contractor

THE SITUATION: The NYPD needed to renovate 300+ bathrooms at their headquarters and precincts to provide ADA accessibility to the public and modernize police officer bathrooms and showers.


THE CHALLANGE: The project was under an aggressive deadline – an average of four different bathrooms per site were to be completed in less than six weeks, ensuring that NYPD’s daily activities within the precinct were not disrupted during the construction.

THE SOLUTION: Logistical planning and multiple sites.

One Police Plaza (the headquarters for the New York City Police Department) has 17 floors with two bathrooms on each floor while over 70 NYPD precincts have four bathrooms at each command. CLS ran multiple sites/floors at the same time with an offset that allowed different phases of the work to be completed at the different sites. Logistical planning included taking measurements with a long enough lead time to ensure all materials were onsite for installation as well as coordinating all subcontractor schedules at the beginning of the project helped cut weeks off the original contract schedule. To ensure the NYPD’s activities would not be disrupted, CLS implemented a high-standard of debris control and protection throughout the entire precinct work area effectively creating a non-existing presence outside the bathroom vicinity

THE RESULT: The NYPD is ADA compliant and police officers have modern bathroom and shower facilities citywide.

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