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Plaza Modernization and Parking Deck Reconstruction

CLIENT: First Quality Enterprises VALUE: $17,548,000.00 / TIMEFRAME: 9 months / SERVICES PROVIDED: General Contracting

THE SITUATION: The project at 80 Cuttermill Road is a 62,500sf site located on the east side of Cuttermill Road, in Great Neck New York. There is a 5-story office building at the west end of the site with an open plaza area between the front of the building and Cuttermill Road. The building footprint covers approximately one third of the site with the entrance lobby, elevators, and core stairways only, at the ground floor level. A grade level parking area occupies the balance of the site and includes the area within the building footprint outside the entrance lobby area. There is an underground parking garage which occupies the full area of the site, that is accessed by a ramp at the south east corner of the ground level parking area. The underground parking garage showed major areas of water infiltration through its roof structure resulting in significant deterioration of the structural steel members.  


THE CHALLANGE: Waterproof the garage, repair the entire roof structure for the garage, replace the existing plaza area with a beautifully landscaped seating area, and to create a security barrier around the site that allowed for controlled entrance into the building and the parking areas. All work was to be perform with minimal interruption to building access and operation; and all work was to be completed within nine months, before the end of the year holiday season.

THE SOLUTION: Keenly aware of the time constraints, CLS immediately retained a steel fabrication shop owned by a structural engineer. This steel shop was producing corrective steel members before the building owner hired an engineer or produced structural drawings. Simultaneously, CLS developed staging and logistics plans to repair areas of the parking deck which maintained vehicle and pedestrian access to the site. Upon approvals, large sections of the concrete parking deck were removed down to the structural steel, structural repairs made, and concrete slabs were poured and waterproofed. As part of this work, the new plaza area enhancements were phased in as received from the architect. In addition, high security perimeter fencing, and vehicle and pedestrian access gates were installed as the work progressed.

THE RESULT: First Quality Enterprises received a watertight, structurally sound, secured site, complete with a beautiful plaza and in-slab snow melt system, in time for their holiday parties.

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